Coastal Scenes

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About Me

I am a Londoner, born in Battersea in 1947 in the same house where my father was born. I've lived and worked in London for most of my life, enjoying many of the possibilities that a great city has to offer. As a kid I developed a love of music through singing and soon became inspired by a whole variety of music. I began Music studies on clarinet when I was in secondary school but when I heard Charlie Parker, playing “Just Friends” in a record shop, I decided to buy a saxophone. This eventually lead to a 30 year teaching career in secondary schools in inner London until I retired in 2016. Of course, before that I was enjoying playing with friends and playing various gigs with some great musicians in and around London. Playing jazz helped me to understand the significance of simplicity and its role in creativity. It also made me aware of the need to understand about the craft of music making in order to better allow for creative playing. Learning to play is a pathway not a goal, it is rather like learning how to get the best possible results from your camera, associated hardware and any post production. It is a pathway I am very happy to be on. The images, I hope, reflect my aim and desire for directness and simplicity in my attempts to share the view of the world I see through a camera lens.